Privacy Policy

The official website of Paradeep Phosphates Limited (PPL) is The company gives utmost priority for information privacy and respects the privacy of every visitor to it’s website. PPL does not capture any personal information of the visitors automatically. The visitors may be asked to provide certain information like name, phone number and email id under Business Enquiry or Feedback pages, only to give a response or provide more details about PPL & its services.

Collection of Personal Information
  • The visitors to the Company’s website can access the website's home page and browse some areas of the website, without disclosing any Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data or Information. The Company tracks information provided by visitor’s browser, including the website from which the visitor came from (known as the referring URL), the type of browser used and other information that does not personally identify any visitor of the Company’s website.
  • The Company may collect information (which may include Personal Information and / or Sensitive Personal Data or Information) in order to enable the secure online interaction and transaction with natural persons. This may include installation of cookies and collection of other session data.
  • The Company also collects Personal Information (which may include Sensitive Personal Data or Information) that is voluntarily provided to it for its business and through responses to job postings, queries, complaints, feedback, etc.

Paradeep Phosphates Limited assures that the information gathered would be used only for internal purposes and will not be sold or provided to third parties. Visitor personally identifiable information will be adequately protected from loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction and it would only be used to respond in timely manner and to fulfil the request of the visitor.

Use and Processing of Personal Information:

The Personal Information (including Sensitive Personal Data or Information) collected by the Company may be used for various legitimate business and/ or regulatory purposes

However, the company retains the right to contact the person who has submitted the information by any means (emails, phone etc) at any time unless otherwise specified. Visitor privacy is most respected and in case, anyone does not want to receive any communication from PPL , all steps would be taken not to contact such person / business entity in future and details would be removed from the contact list.

Security Practices and Procedures:

The Company has implemented reasonable security practices and procedures (including appropriate managerial, technical, operational and physical security control measures) to ensure that the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Data or Information is collected and preserved in a secure manner. The database is stored on servers secured behind a firewall and the access to servers is limited and password protected.

Use of Cookies:

A cookie is a piece of software code that an internet web site sends to your browser when you access information at that site. A cookie is stored as a simple text file on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. Cookies let you navigate between pages efficiently as they store your preferences, and generally improve your experience of a website

By entering this website, the visitor consents to the terms of this Policy. By submitting his/her Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Data or Information to the Company, the visitor will be treated as having given his/her permission for processing the same in a manner provided in this Policy

Changes to this Policy:

The Company reserves the right to revise and update this Policy at its sole discretion. Any such revisions will be effective on and from the date of posting the same on the website of the Company and will apply to all information collected both prior to and following the effective date.