PPL is working towards the motto of ‘Healthy Soil Wealthy Nation’, and is educating farmers on the importance of soil health and benefits of soil testing. Through a wide network farming community across seventeen states, our company closely engages with farmers for soil testing awareness campaigns, soil sample collection, followed by analysis of soil in our own soil testing facilities. The soil health cards are subsequently handed over to the farmers along with recommendations. The soil testing services are beneficial in the following ways:

a) Fertiliser dosages based on nutrient status of the soil; and
b) Specific crop recommendations

The company has established a fully equipped Agricultural Development Laboratory (ADL) in Bhubaneswar, and operates a fleet of Mobile Soil Testing Labs (MSTLs) to cover all the district in the state of Odisha.

Agricultural Development Laboratory (ADL) - Bhubaneswar


ADL Bhubaneswar was established in 2010 with the objectives of providing quality timely service to the farmers and guide them with Soil Test Result and Recommendation based fertiliser application, extending agri. advisory services with improved practices and products for promoting balanced and economic fertiliser use, to improve soil and crop health and to provide technical training to staff and farmers. It is well equipped with equipment’s and instruments to conduct soil analysis of the parameters viz., pH, Electrical Conductivity, Organic Carbon, Available Nitrogen, Available Phosphorus, Available Potassium

Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and micronutrients viz., ferrous, zinc, copper, manganese and boron. The annual analyzing capacity of the lab is 25,000 nos. of soil samples (NPK) and 2,000 nos. of micronutrients.


PPL has partnered with Govt. of Odisha for operating 30 Mobile Soil Testing Labs (MSTLs) in PPP mode in all the 30 districts of Odisha since 2011-12. The fleet of PPL MSTLs can analyze 1,50,000 soil samples per annum as each MSTL has annual analyzing capacity of 5000 soil samples . The company has already analyzed 5,29,584 soil samples & distributed soil health cards to 12,66,067 grid based farmers through this project since inception.

The MSTL facility reaches out to more than 100,000 farmers of Odisha per year by providing free soil testing service at their door step and ensuring adoption of soil test based fertiliser application through awareness campaigns, field days resulting in increasing farm productivity & higher acceptance of our brand as well as products.