PPL’s manufacturing facility is strategically located in Paradeep, the centre of the agricultural belt of Odisha, with the Gangetic plains of West Bengal in the East and Bihar in the North. The high fertiliser demand markets of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka are also well-connected.

The company distributes its products across 17 states in India through various private and institutional channels. For instance, in states such as Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Telangana, we supply our products to marketing federations in co-operative channels.

The company has set up a strong network of 11 regional marketing offices and 1,324 stock points in 17 states across India. The sales and marketing network comprises of 4,529 dealers and over 60,257 retailers, catering to five million estimated farmers in India. Further, the company has a dedicated team of 70 marketing officers, 14 junior agronomists and 72 field assistants with an extensive outreach to marginal, small and large farmers across the states.

As of March 31, 2021, the north, south, east and western regions of India accounted for 5.3%, 22.6%, 46.2% and 25.9% of our Company’s total sales, respectively.

  • 17 States Distribution

  • 11 Regional marketing offices

  • 1,324 Stock points

  • 4,529 Dealers

  • 60,257 Retailers

PPL’s widespread sales and distribution network is further aided by access to the market on a real-time basis through on mFMS (Mobile fertiliser Management System) portal that provides product-wise data on the movement of fertiliser from our Company to the farmers, dash boards on our internal portals and other effective intelligence tools which provide efficient last mile connectivity and an extensive farmer database on over five million farmers.

The company undertakes various marketing initiatives that are directed towards distributors and farmers. They consist of a broad range of advertising and promotional tools, such as meeting with farmers, promotions at point-of-sale locations, field demonstrations, organizing bazaar days, rural upliftment programmes in selected districts where fertiliser consumption is low, crop seminars, trainings programmes for farmers, programmes for promoting soil health awareness, distribution of crop and product literature, publicity van campaigns, retailers’ meets, hoardings and direct marketing activities.

Further to this, the company periodically organizes meetings with dealers and retailers to build the brand, introduce new products and train our dealers and retailers about the suitability of our products for specific crops.