We aim to minimize the adverse impact of our products and activities on the environment, maintain ecological balance and protect the bio-diversity near our manufacturing facility. Further, we aim to comply with legislative requirements, requirements of our licenses, approvals, various certifications and ensuring the safety of our employees and people working at our manufacturing facility or under our management.



We believe that accidents and occupational health hazards can be significantly reduced through a systematic analysis and control of risks and by providing appropriate training to our management and our employees. We have implemented work safety measures to ensure a safe working environment at our facilities. We have conducted safety programs at our facilities and developed customized training videos and modules. Our safety department routinely conducts safety inspection and our plant is periodically inspected by CICG (Factory Directorate). In addition, Our Company also conducts mock fire and

safety drills as a part of the disaster management plan. We have also installed fire detection systems such as optical smoke detectors and response indicators.


At PPL, it is our continuous effort to provide health initiatives and services to assist our people live healthier and safer lives – at Plant Site as well as in the township in Paradeep. PPL runs a Round-the-Clock operational Occupational Health Centre (OHC) and ensures periodic medical check-ups and maintenance of health records for all employees. Additionally, regular health awareness programs and specialised health / medical check-ups camps are organised for employees to improve awareness about living in a healthy, safe and secure environment.


PPL is subjected to extensive environmental laws and regulations in India, including regulations relating to prevention and control of water pollution and air pollution, environmental protection, hazardous waste management and noise pollution, in relation to our manufacturing facility. These laws and regulations govern the discharge, emission, storage, handling and disposal of a variety of substances that may be used in or result from our operations. We undertake various initiatives on clean technology, energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation to address global environment issues such as climate change and global warming. We have adopted “zero” effluent discharge policy. We have also taken various measures such as installation of ‘bag filters at transfer points’, construction of new gypsum pond, installation of ‘waste composter’ at our canteen, installation of ‘online ambient air quality’ and ‘stack and effluent monitoring systems’.

PPL is also equipped with a ‘well-equipped laboratory’, assessed and accredited in accordance with the standard ‘ISO/IEC 17025:2017’ by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories).