We believe that maintaining high quality of our products is critical to our brand. We place great emphasis on quality assurance and product safety at each step of the production processes, right from the procurement of raw materials until the finished product is packaged and ready for distribution to ensure that the quality of our products meets the expectation of our customers and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

The raw materials and finished products pass through a rigorous testing process at our 'Quality Control Laboratory'. The QC laboratory is equipped with an state-of-art equipment such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer for analysis of heavy metal, autoanalyser for Ammonia and Phosphorus Pentoxide and UV-spectrophometer. A QC team of twenty nine experts at the laboratory, with an additional surveyor to check the quality of imported shipment ensures the quality control and process safety. In addition to in-house testing, we also send samples to NABL accredited and national laboratories to crosscheck the quality parameters.

Sample testing is done to ensure the colour, odour, appearance and nutrients of the raw materials comply with standards. We also inspect product samples at the assembly line and conduct batch-wise quality inspections on our products periodically to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and laws. We conduct sample surveys at places where our products are sold to ensure that our products are properly transported and stored. The company regularly conducts training programs on Quality Control and Process Safety for production teams to update them on latest quality norms and standards periodically. We have also appointed a surveyor for sampling the imported shipments at the Paradeep port.