PPL is the Second largest manufacturer of Phosphatic fertilisers in India. We have an established track record of delivering robust financial performance.

Our 'Competitive Strengths' as encapsulated below sets our business apart from our peers, and it highlights the benefits an investor or a customer receives when they do business with us.

Competitive Strengths of our Business

  • Driving raw material efficiency through backward integration of facilities and effective sourcing
  • Secure and certified manufacturing facility and infrastructure and unutilised land available for expansion
  • Strategic location of our manufacturing facility and sizeable material storage, handling and port facilities
  • Established brand name backed by an extensive sales and distribution network
  • Strong parentage, experienced management team and prominent shareholders
  • Well-positioned to capture favorable Indian fertiliser industry dynamics supported by conducive government regulations.

We intend to grow our business and increase our range of products and services by exploring acquisition targets. Where appropriate and advantageous for our business, we intend to selectively pursue opportunities that will strengthen our market position, enable us to expand our product portfolio and increase our sales, marketing and distribution network. The primary elements of our 'Business Strategy' Business Strategy

  • Improve our leadership position by enhancing our production capabilities and having a more diversified product portfolio
  • Continue to improve cost efficiency and productivity
  • Increase geographical reach in Eastern and Western India and expand distribution channels
  • Improve market leadership through investment in brand building and other campaigns
  • Continue to attract, retain and develop human capital
  • Selectively pursue inorganic growth opportunities

We are here to help you understand our business and our operating environment.