PPL has an extensive outreach and connect with farmers and farmers producers organization (FPOs) through ‘Serving Farmers Saving Farming’ initiative across the sate of Odisha and adjacent states. As part of the initiative, a large scale farming community is trained on scientific crop management practices, agronomic practices & solutions, to eventually raise the contribution of agricultural sector at sate as well at national level. We have a team of dedicated field workers across 14 states, and the team undertakes activities such as farmers meetings, seed treatment drives, plant protection campaigns, crop seminars field demonstrations, field days, kisan mela, exhibitions, mobile campaigns and retailers meetings.

Farmer’s Training School (FTS)

PPL is operating the Farmer’s Training School (FTS) in PPP mode with Government of Odisha to provide Agri skills to farmers in a classroom setting. Farmer Training School (FTS) was initiated in the year 2011, with an objective to expose farmers to best practices and successful models for improving their knowledge on modern Agricultural practices of crop production and increased farm income. The FTS training facility at Bhubaneswar is equipped with modern training aids, and also houses an explanatory museum showing key aspects of agriculture for training purposes through an effective display using three dimensional clay models.

As of now, the school has provided training to more than 10,000 progressive farmers from different states. The institution also leverages expertise from other reputed institutions and facilities. The Farmers Training School (FTS) has become a preferred training facility for farmers for not only in the state of Odisha, but has also for the farmers from the adjacent states. As the training programs are followed up through direct contact by the technical teams at village level, the farmers are able to apply the training inputs, and also adopt new technologies & practices in the process for improved production, increasing their farm income.