In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PPL initiated a response team consisting of personnel from our human resources, administration, security, management and communications teams, as well as medical advisors to monitor, track, trace and assist employees with COVID-19 matters. The company also facilitated COVID-19 testing, initiated a fever clinic, distributed sanitizer machines within our operations, and is providing free vaccinations to all the employees. Additionally, the company also initiated arrangements for parts of the workforce to remain within the plant premises so that certain operational activity could continue and be optimized during COVID-19 restrictions.

In doing so, the company also provided personal protective equipment during this time, such as masks and sanitizers. Further to this, communications with the government authorities and departments were maintained in relation to guidelines for sales and distributions of fertilisers and agricultural inputs. Additional communication such as providing advanced weather related warnings to our dealers and warehouses allowed for faster unloading and truck turnaround times, two-point rakes result in less handling and can mitigate greater loading/unloading times, and the nomination of vessels to ports that possess greater levels of mechanization have all assisted in mitigating the various supply-chain challenges we faced and continue to face.

Our teams also coordinated with railway operators to accommodate circumstances where handling activities at rakes required greater time and utilized certain relaxations provided in demurrage and wharfage activities, which has helped improve our related loading, unloading and logistics activities. We also created a series of digital media awareness materials for dissemination that are aimed at advising farmers and retailers of the recommended protocols to follow for the safeguarding of themselves against COVID-19 and to communicate our appreciation of their work during this time.

In the midst of the pandemic, company's efforts in managing the challenges were widely acknowledged at state as well as at national level.