Balanced Fertilisation is the leitmotif of PPL

Over last four decades the teams in all the marketing territories of PPL have been disseminating the message of balanced fertilisation through a robust calendar of Farmer-connect programmes. These programmes not only help improve awareness for soil health and product knowledge, they also help enhance the brand traction among the farmers. Towards this end, PPL’s teams in all its marketing territories are organizing programmes on regular basis for farmers. Channel partners (dealers & retailers) of the catchment areas participate in these activities to ensure product availability as per the recommendations.

Farmer Meetings: Organized in a village, these meetings that are enthusiastically participated by the farmers, are a regular feature in the Jai Kisaan Navratna marketing calendar. During these meetings, leading/progressive farmers are felicitated and they are invited to share their success stories with the fellow farmers. Soil test results & recommendations are presented to the farmers and problems related to current crop cultivation and possible solutions are discussed.

PPL-Farmer Connect Number of events annually
Farmers meetings 3600
Sangam farmer meetings 5400
Crop seminars 200
Regular demonstrations 300
Spot demonstration 1700
Campaign days 2500
Farmers Outreach 5 million

Crop Seminars: These programs are aimed at giving in-depth knowledge on the season’s crop to the farmers of the village. Prior to organizing the program, a formal invitation is extended to the head of the village and the leading farmers of the village. A scientist/crop expert from Agri University/ KVK is called for the crop seminar to present a complete package-of-practices to the invited farmers. The farmers’ queries are also answered by the scientist/crop experts.

Soil Health Days: PPL has geared up its activities in giving special emphasis on soil health by adopting the theme 'Healthy Soil Wealthy Nation’. These programmes are aimed at spreading the awareness of soil health among the farmers. Team members ensure that the Soil Test Report & Recommendations (STRR) are shared with the farmers at the earliest. We organize organizing 200 Soil Health days in a year. Key focus areas of Soil Health Days are:

  • Creating Awareness on Soil Health
  • Importance of Soil testing
  • Nutrient Management
  • Importance of SPN products and their recommended doses

Demonstrations & Field Days: To give a boost to balanced fertilisation, PPL has a robust new product development. Regular demonstrations are held at farmer’s field, followed by Field Days after 3 months, to showcase the efficacy of PPL’s fertilisers & products for balancing soil pH for improving farm productivity.

Van Campaigns: Based on the focus products of the area, campaign with publicity vans decorated with the product messages are conducted in each marketing area. These campaigns help the field teams to cover a large number of villages, dealers and retailers. Along the way, the campaign team does postering and affixing of PoP items at the market place. During the campaign, officials contact the farmers individually as well as in groups to give solutions to their pain points and create awareness about PPL’s products.