The purpose of digitalization of Agri Services at PPL is to serve the farmers' our primary customers effectively, and boost the performance of agriculture sector in the country. PPL's journey towards digitalization in Agri Services started with an idea of creating a digital ecosystem by developing in-house portals and applications, creating synergies through collaboration with the external digital partners.

fertiliser industry has also been a part of this change, starting from the implementation of mFMS (Mobile based Fertiliser Monitoring System), to enable Direct Benefit Transfer by capturing fertiliser movements and sale up to farmer level through POS (Point of Sale) devices. Also, with the use of social media for promotion and relationship building becoming popular, using customer data to draw insights for business process optimisation, AI (Artifi cial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) based technologies like “Chat-Bots” and “Robotic Process Automation” are getting established.

The company is leveraging Social Media Platform in multiple ways

  • Jai Kisaan YouTube Channel
  • @jaikisaan.samvaad Facebook Page
  • Agri-Marketing at WhatsApp Groups and Chatbots
  • Mobile application “Jai Kisaan- Sampark”

‘Hello Jai Kisaan’


In addition, we have toll-free lines ‘Hello Jai Kisaan’ that are operated by agricultural experts who are well equipped to advise farmers on scientific agriculture as a part of the Adventz Group initiative. We also provide our support on the farms through our trained extension workers‘Jai Kisaan Krishi Salahakars’, as a part of the Adventz Group initiative.

Navratna Samachar

We publish a quarterly agricultural magazine ‘Navratna Samachar’ and the magazine is published in Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Telegu and Marathi. The magazine is circulated to the farmers at no cost. The magazine covers details of complete agronomic solutions for various types of crops, tips on different income generating schemes, fertiliser recommendations given by various states for different types of crops grown by the states, subsidies announced by the state government for various types of agricultural and horticultural crops. The magazine also covers success stories of farmers and the experiences of leading dealers in implementing various schemes in the villages in their catchment area.