What we do


Marketing Services For Inclusive Growth

Although agriculture provides employment to more than 60% of the Indian population, it provides around 17% of India’s Gross Domestic Product. In order to correct this gross distortion, PPL has undertaken a mission ‘Serving Farmers Saving Farming’ with the objective of educating farmers on complete agronomic solutions, and to train them to increase their level of income through various income generating schemes, and thus to raise the contributions of the agricultural sector.

Through a team of 150 dedicated field workers working in 9 States, activities like farmers meetings, seed treatment drives, plant protection campaigns, crop seminars, field demonstrations, field days, kisan mela, exhibitions, jeep campaigns and retailers meetings are organized throughout the year. Farmers from various States are taken to Research Stations for practical training on scientific crop management practices. The farmers and their family members are also taken to various agencies where they are imparted training on income generating schemes.

Healthy Soil Wealthy Nation

PPL has geared up its activities in giving special emphasis on soil health by adopting the theme 'Healthy Soil Wealthy Nation’. Special drives are taken to educate farmers on importance of soil health and benefits of soil testing by showing a film produced by PPL named ‘Soil testing; the first step in Farming’ followed by soil testing campaign, collection of soil from farmers' fields, getting them analyzed in reputed laboratories and finally handing over the results of the analysis with the recommendation of fertilizer dosage on the basis of nutrient status of the soil and the crop which is to be grown.The soil test report is handed over to the farmer on the basis of a specially designed software developed by PPL. In a span of three years, 30,000 samples have been tested and farmers have benefited from these specialized services.

Navratna Samachar

PPL publishes a quarterly agricultural magazine ‘Navratna Samachar’ for farmers since 2005. The magazine is published in Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Telugu and Marathi languages and is circulated to farmers free of cost. The magazine covers details on complete agronomic solutions for various types of crops, tips on different income generating schemes, fertilizer recommendations given by various States for different types of crops grown in the State, subsidy announced by State Governments for various types of agricultural and horticultural crops. The magazine also covers success stories of farmers and experiences of Star Dealers in implementing various schemes in the Star Dealer Villages.