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Plant Site

The Plant with an installed annual capacity of 12, 00, 000 metric tonnes of DAP and other phosphatic fertilizers was commissioned in 1986 along with off-site facilities with a 3.4 km closed conveyor from port to plant site as well as a railway siding, raw material storage yards and a 3.1 km long pipe rack.

In 1992 a Sulphuric Acid Plant having an annual capacity of 6,60,000 metric tonnes and a Phosphoric Acid Plant having an annual capacity of 2,25,000 metric tonnes, designed to meet 50% of the total requirement were installed. The Plant also has two captive power units of 16 MW each, designed to run on excess steam generated by the Sulphuric Acid Plant. Major raw materials like phosphoric acid, ammonia, rock phosphates, sulphur and MOP are imported from Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia, Gulf countries, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and CIS countries. PPL has a captive Berth at Paradeep Port with facilities to unload solid & liquid cargo.

Di - Ammonium Phosphates (DAP) Plant

  • 720,000 metric tonnes annual capacity.
  • Based on contemporary technology from Hindustan Dorr Oliver.
  • Includes the state-of-art Do Rocco granulation process.
  • Commissioned in 1986.

Sulphuric Acid Plant (SAP)

  • 660,000 metric tonnes annual capacity.
  • Designed by Lurgi Gmbh.
  • Incorporates the DCDA process.
  • Commissioned in 1992.

Phosphoric Acid Plant (PAP)

  • 225,000 metric tonnes annual capacity.
  • Produces Phosphoric Acid with a concentration of 53%.
  • Designed by Jacobs Inc.
  • Incorporated Di-Hydrate process.
  • Commissioned in 1992.