What we do


PPL's wide range of specially formulated fertilizers are marketed under the brand name 'NAVRATNA' catering to almost all types of crops. The products are well established and are sold through private and institutional channels throughout the country. Aggressive marketing initiatives have been undertaken to increase market share of these specially formulated fertilizers throughout the marketing territory.

Besides manufactured products, PPL also markets its by-product Phospho-Gypsum which is used for soil conditioning in alkaline soils. Phospho-Gypsum enriches soil with Calcium and Sulphur, thus increasing the yield. Phospho-Gypsum is also being promoted as supplement for sulphur deficient soils. Gypsum is also preferred by cement and brick industries. PPL imports and markets Muriate of Potash (MOP) through its network of private and institutional trade throughout the country.

PPL has been undertaking rural upliftment programmes in selected districts where fertilizer consumption is very low. Soil sample collection, analysis and recommendation of balanced fertilizer use are critical inputs for educating farmers on soil health and balanced fertilization. Field demonstrations on a package of practices for effective utilization of agro inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and timely irrigation are carried out throughout PPL's marketing territory. Crop seminars, farmers' meetings, distribution of crop and product literature, publicity van campaigns, retailers' meet and training to farmers are also carried out by qualified field staff in the marketing areas.