Development of HR
Forces of competitiveness demand optimal use of all resources including our own people and the people we transact with in the market place for our products. Human beings are more than mere resources, they are assets who make things happen. That is why Training & Development of people at work is a key focus area and a critical component of our HR creed. We mix and match intensive training with equal thrust on job skills and soft skills. We realize the value which employees add to our organization and formulate policies that also take into consideration individual needs and benefits. Our HR policy provides for a minimum of 5 days of training a year for each of our employees.

All new recruits at PPL are inducted into the organization through a structured induction programme run by our Senior Executives.

Technical training is provided in-house in areas related to Maintenance, Operation, Technical Services, Project Management, Quality, Safety Education etc. depending on the skills required by the employees.

Personal growth and behavioural development of the employees are areas of major emphasis. Soft skills help our employees not only on the job but also in their role as members of the society around them enabling them to face life and its realities smoothly and with success.

We deploy the best of faculties in the field for conducting the programmes with various up to date training tools like role plays, psychometric exercises, business games, case analyses, and group discussion in our training programmes. We also make use of training events offered by premium management institutions like IIM, Grow Talent etc.

PPL believes in holistic development focusing on building entrepreneurs and associates, and in having an open and flexible work environment where they have opportunities to grow and develop in their existing roles as well in the ones they have interests in.