Success Stories
Shyamghana Rana : Raisingpur, Kalahandi, Orissa
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PPL advised me to apply Phosphogypsum in my field during the last Rabi season. I did the same for my Tomato cultivation. The effect was good and the tomato plants were healthy and dense. I got an extra 15 kg average yield from the field. There was a huge difference in the yield from normal field and Phosphogypsum applied field. I got an additional 36 quintals of tomatoes which got me a profit of Rs. 10,800/-

Bikash Chandra Swain : Balipatna, Athagarh, Cuttack, Orissa
PPL used my paddy filed as a demo field in the last Rabi season. Phosphogypsum was used in this field. Due to this application, the average number of tiller in this field was 21 whereas in the common field it was 17. By applying gypsum there was less chaffy grain. Moreover, the yield per square meter was 680 gm where as on non-gypsum land it was only 620 gm. I got an yield of 2.4 quintals from one acre land by applying only one bag of Gypsum.

Chandrasekhar Behera : Harekrishnapur, Dhenkanal, Orissa
I got a bounty harvest of variety crops by applying Phosphogypsum in my field. By applying Phosphogypsum in vegetable crops like brinjal, ladies finger and bitter gourd, I found that it helps to get better quality of crops and there is increase in quantum of harvest. Vegetables get a good color and taste better. And I get a better price for my crop. Spinach cultivation doesn’t require any fertilizer, only gypsum will do the trick. I request all the farmers of my district to apply Phosphogypsum in their land and get enhanced benefits, year after year.

Goura Halda : Anchala, Nawrangpur, Orissa
My corn field was the demo field for PPL.  Phosphogypsum was applied in this field. After the harvest, I found that the average weight of corn is 260 gm in the gypsum applied field and only 210 gm in the non-gypsum field. The total yield was 41 quintals from the gypsum applied field whereas it was only 34 quintals from the common field. I got a profit of Rs. 4,200/-. Thanks to PPL.