Soil Testing Facilities
The Soil Testing Laboratory was commissioned in February 2003. It is located at plant site in Paradeep and reflects PPL's commitment to development of the agricultural community in the eastern region. The Soil Testing Laboratory is expected to be of immense benefit to farmers covered by our marketing services. In addition, there is a mobile soil testing laboratary for  services available at the doorsteps of the community.

Normally, soil testing laboratories test for NPK (Nitrogen: Phosphorous: Potash) pH value and salt concentration in soil samples. But the PPL Laboratory which is equipped with  Electronic balances, Spectro-photometer, Flame-photometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Digital PH Meter & Conductivity Bridge and Mechanical Shakers, has the facility to test for micronutrients as well, in order to ensure the balanced use of fertilizers. The laboratory also has additional facilities to test irrigation water samples and gives advice as to its usefulness to the soil since sensitive crops can react adversely to highly acidic waters and vice-versa.  The STL can test up to 3000 samples annually.