PPL is jointly held by Adventz Group of India and OCP group of Morocco through their Special Purpose Vehicle i.e., Zuari Maroc Phosphates Ltd. (ZMPL). 

ZMPL holds 80.45% stake in PPL, in turn is a 50-50 Joint Venture of Adventz Group and OCP, Morocco. The Government of India has divested its stake and currently holds about 19.55% stake.

Present Shareholding pattern of Paradeep Phosphates Ltd. is given below:

Name of the Shareholder No. of Share Face value of each Share (Rs.) Paid-up Capital (Rs.) % of Shareholding
Zuari Maroc Phosphates Ltd. 46,29,610 1,000/- 462,96,10,000 80.45
Government of India 11,24,890 1,000/- 112,48,90,000 19.55
Total 57,54,500 1,000/- 575,45,00,000 100.00