PPL has on site as well as off-site facilities for storage and transport of raw materials and finished products.

Gypsum Pond
  • covers an area of 87.5 hectares
  • Facilitates handling and storage of the by-product (gypsum) from the PAP.

Off Site Facilities
  • 3.4 kms long closed conveyor from port to the plant site
  • A railway siding
  • Raw material storage yards
  • 3.1 kms long pipe rake

Captive Berth
  • A private berth at Paradeep Port.
  • Equipped with 14 m draft capable of bringing in Panamax sized vessels carrying 50-60,000 MT.
  • Two automatic ship unloaders - one capable of unloading 1000 MT and the other 600 MT of solid cargo and 500 MT of liquid cargo per hour.

Storage Capacity
PPL's storage capacities are among the country's largest, making it possible to store vast quantities of materials as measures of preparedness - Ammonia (50,000 MT), Phosphoric Acid (60,000 MT), Sulphuric Acid (36,000 MT), Rock Phosphates (60,000 MT), Sulphur (45,000 MT), imported products (25,000 MT).

Quality Excellence
At PPL, quality excellence is supported by continuous inspection of key nutrients (Nitrogen P2O5 and K2O) and it is an ISO 9001 : 2000 - certified company. PPL continues to be a certified ISO 14000 : 2004 and ISO 9001 : 2002 Company. These standards pertain to Environmental Management and Quality Management respectively.

Imports of more than 90% of the company's raw materials are facilitated by its captive berth, conveyor system and pipe rack, all connecting the plant at a distance of 3 km from the port and two sophisticated ship unloaders (solid and liquid) as well as railway sliding of its own. In raw material supplies, the company has the advantage of joint ownership with OCP of Morroco - the biggest suppliers of Rock Phosphates in the world.

Green Sensitivity
PPL's effluent treatment plant is one of the largest in India with a 200 m3/hr effluent - handling capacity. The ETP is equipped with a 2050 m3 capacity equalization basin to store and handle in-plant effluents, thus leading to a position of zero effluents.

Wealth from Waste
The 87.5 hectare Gypsum Pond facility handles storage of by-product Gypsum ,generated from the phosphoric acid plant as a waste; it is now marketed to cement manufacturers and farmers for value addition.
Captive Power Plant (CPP)
The Captive Power Plant (CPP) consist one number of oil fired Boiler and 2X16 MW Turbo-Generator (TG) sets.

Oil fired boiler generates 110T/Hr steam at a pressure of 42 kg/cm2 and temperature of 410 deg C.
Technical specification
Technical Specification
Make  :- M/S BHEL, (Trichy)
Model :- VU-60
Type :- Vertical, bottom supported, Natural circulation, Balanced draft, Bi-drum front wall oil fired boiler.
Capacity :- 110 T/H, Super heated steam at 42 kgf/cm2, 4100c
No. of burners :- 4 (Two no.s in two stages)