Work Culture

At PPL we believe in developing cohesive working conditions and value human needs as team spirit. The company has played a significant role in recognizing the needs and requirements of  employees and has worked consistently towards improving employees' morale and effectiveness. In order to develop appreciable working culture we have:

Persistently emphasized and worked towards continuous training and development of  our human resources.

We have taken up training programs, such as marketing skills development, communication skills, leadership and team building, computer training etc. Various training programmes have also been instituted in order to improve employees' skills in multi-tasking.
Focused on a higher degree of performance outcomes, rewards as well as accountability motivate our employees. There is always an open ear for suggestions.
Better Working Environment

Introduced a system of open communication and dialogue thus enabling  employees to have free access to their superiors and to give suggestions.

Initiated ways of re-deployment of surplus work force, after proper training, in areas such as sales and marketing leading to new opportunities for employees to grow.