Community Hall

PPL is committed to the development and welfare of the larger community in its area of operations. The company continues its efforts for rural upliftment with a host of programmes and interventions. As a contribution for the welfare of inmates of the Nivedita Ashram orphanage, a community hall with attached toilets, a park for public use, repairing old hospital buildings and providing facilities are just small examples of outreach work.

A Friend in Need

A fire accident broke out on Diwali night at Athrabanki Bali plot (Paradeep). The fire engulfed houses and business establishments of 34 fisher-families. PPL’s fire fighting team immediately reached the spot to help control the fire. Relief items like polythene sheets & roofing materials were distributed the very next day, providing an immediate housing solution for affected families.

Inauguration of Canteen Building

PPL has constructed a hall to be used as canteen for students and staff of Madan Mohan Industrial Training centre (MMITC). Mangarajpur.