Navratna Krishi Vikas Project for Inclusive Growth

Navratna Krishi Vikas Project is a mission towards ensuring wholistic agricultural development of villages adopted by PPL. The project started in Orissa and Chhattisgarh in 2005-06, and now has successfully added two more states, Bihar and Jharkhand. In a span of 5 years, PPL has demonstrated initiatives in 269 villages and has shown villagers the path to development by way of practically demonstrating complete agronomic solutions to farmers. Apart from efforts stated above, the project aims at giving additional income to farmers through income generating schemes like cultivation of tissue culture banana, hybrid papaya, pineapple, mushroom, apiary, fisheries, vermi compost, poultry, duckery and other schemes suitable to the area.

The project also aims at developing horticultural farms with mango, lemon and other long term fruit bearing trees. Developing social forestry is yet another mission. Special campaigns have been initiated to empower womenfolk through formation of women Self Help Groups, where they have successfully launched products like papad, candles and soft toys; and are actively engaged in mushroom cultivation, poultry and tailoring. In this project, emphasis is also given on health care for the community, veterinary health check-ups, literacy drives and rural sports - in order to bring awareness on basic amenities amongst communities and to improve their standards of living.

Many farmers, after learning from the project, have adopted best practices and have achieved excellent results, for which they have been awarded by the State Government as best farmers.

Star Dealers Village

PPL has taken another unique step by motivating Lead Dealers to adopt villages and undertake activities similar to those organized in the Navratna Krishi Vikas Project villages. Dealers adopting villages are called Star Dealers and the villages are named as Navratna Star Dealer's Village. The Dealer works as a match maker and implements various types of projects by involving Govt. and non Govt .organizations. The cost is shared by PPL and the Star Dealer in a 50:50 ratio. Through this effort, in addition to the regular agricultural development, other developmental activities are taken up like household sanitation for each family, and construction of roads in each village. PPL has started Star Dealers village in each state of India which has drawn the attention of various authorities as a new technique of partnership for progress.